Here are some testimonials from previous clients.

This is the third commission that I have asked Dylan to work on for me after the success of the previous commissions.  I like the way Dylan approaches the new projects he is open to suggestions and has good views of his own. We had several discussions on the new project over colours and how the final piece should appear. Dylan made a quick test to make sure the ideas would work colour wise before starting the project feedback was positive.  Dylan always takes stage photos and keeps in contact thought the commission which is always welcome. I’m very happy that our collaboration once again has been a total success. Dylan interpreted my thoughts perfectly. The finished commission was fantastic the attention to detail makes all the difference.  I’m very happy with my collaboration with Dylan and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dylan workmanship.  His approach, communication, and finished product is to be admired.
I look forward to working with Dylan again in the future. Thanks again Dylan nice work.
        - Dave, UK (In Regards to Fantasy Dragon)

"When I first contacted Dylan to paint my Giant I had also contacted several other people to do the commission. At the time I didn’t know any of the people I contacted . So It would be mutual trust on both sides. Dylan made no outrageous claims of work he had done in the past. So in the end it comes down to gut instinct. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed with my decision. The communication between us worked well and he in turn interpreted what I wanted in both the sculpting and with art work.  I’m very pleased with the result and seeing it on your blog it looks just as good there as it does on my shelf.  As they say in my industry your sound  and I look forward to the next project you’re going to do for me. Nice Job." 
- Dave, UK ( In regards to "Jumping Giant")

Received my commissioned Rune Priest models and I am elated with the finished product. Many thanks again and keep up the good work!"  
- Brent , UK ( In Regards to Space Wolves )

"I highly recommend Dylan to anyone! Excellent commission painting service.Now I can’t wait for the rest of my army after receiving the first of my grey   Hunters"
- Brent, UK ( In regards to Space Wolves)