Monday, 30 May 2011

WIP Wizard Duel Mock-up

Hello and Welcome! I have been doing a bit more work on a "Wizard duel" well a Wizard and a Daemonette but I didn't have another wizard. Oh well! So I have created a little mock-up of the scene, with a very rough layout just to give myself some ideas.

I imagine the Wizard channelling his energy and using it a blast sweeping the Daemonette off his feet and against the wall , This image was inspired through a scene from one of the Harry Potter Films not sure which one though. I'm sure someone does....

Thanks for Looking!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some Stuff on My Workbench!

Hello and welcome! I have some work in progress stuff to show you today. I have again been tinkering with ideas for some cool looking figures ad possible Golden Demon entries.

First off is a Empire Wizard which I have converted to be out stretched and more flowing. There is still alot of green stuff work to do including the smoothing of all the areas with a thin wash of milliput. I plan to use this Wizard in a duel scene, either with the obvious choice of opponent "another Wizard" or I was also thinking of using a Daemonette just because I have the parts for it.

Then I have a mounted Empire General which is just blu tacked just to give me some idea of assembly and composition. I plan to make a banner out of thin sheet brass, allowing me a nice clear canvas to do some freehand. I intend to make a built up elevated base to give the figure more height and more room to add features and details to the base. 
More Soon!
Thanks for Looking!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Limited Edition Imperial Guardsmen at ease now on ebay!

Hello and welcome! Today I have listed a load of limited edition Imperial Guardsmen at ease. These figures are extremely rare and were only released as a promo during the eye of terror campaign. I have these listed at a reduced price of £10.00, In an attempt to clear my pile of endless models.
Ebay Link: Limited Edition Imperial Guardsmen at Ease

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

WIP High Elf Swordmasters

Hello and Welcome! Continuing progress with my Island of Blood box, I have made up and base coated the awesome swordmaster models.
Last time I showed the Sea Guard Models, However I think I have changed my mind and prefer these swordmaster models and expect to finish these before the sea guard.
I basecoated them in Chaos black primer, then airbrush them with a solid basecoat of boltgun metal and chainmail, I think I will add additional highlights with a gentle application of Mithril Silver. I also used the airbrush to help paint the bases giving them a gentle dusting of Kommando Khaki. More soon...

Thanks For looking!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

[WIP] High Elf Sea Guard

      Hello and Welcome! I have now started looking to the future and Golden Demon 2011. While it still is a long way off, I need to start tinkering and getting ready as I am aiming to enter a few categories. At the moment I am planning to enter these High Elf sea guard into the Fantasy regiment. Having been following Volomirs Blog and his great looking sea guard, I will be using a similar colour scheme of silver and turquoise. I used  bark and miliput to build up the bases and then added a mix of sand and grit for extra texture.
      I hope to get some paint on these over the coming week, So make sure to check back!

Thanks for Looking!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Space Wolf Rune Preists Finished

Hello and Welcome! Over the weekend I finished the Space Wolf Rune Priests. They were hard to get looking right with some uneven resin surfaces etc. But overall I am pleased with them and as always I'm not getting any better with a camera thus not looking as good as real life.  These were painted to go with the Grey Hunters I did prevoisly with more a bit more detail and cooler features.

 Thanks For Looking!