Tuesday, 15 February 2011

WIP Legions Of The Space Marines (2)

    Here is the second installment of "The Legions of the Space Marines".
I have assembled seven more legions which include a Librarian, a Chaplain and Marines with flamers, meltas and a missile launcher.
Here is my work in progress Thousands Sons Librarian which still needs some more work like adding studs to the left leg and making some new armour pannels for the right shoulder. This is has been heavily converted using a variety of bits, a bit of sculpting like the loin cloth made from greenstuff and a few Forge World brass etch eagles to add a little detail.
The Forge World Maximus armour set was used as basis for this chaplain using a dark angel book for the right hand and converting his Crozius using a banner icon and a thunder hammer hand. I used a Games Workshop Skull for his head , I might bulk out the head slightly as it might be slightly small but I haven't made my mind up yet.

Please check back soon for more updates, assembly and hopefully some painting. As I can't wait to paint these models. Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

White Dwarf Subscribers Grombrindal Limited Edition Figure For Sale

Today, I have a brand new in box White Dwarf Subscribers Grombrindal Limited Edition figure. This is a very rare figure and was only available during 2008 when brought with a White Dwarf Subscription. I'm selling this on ebay found HERE.  It's on ebay for £30.00 buy it now which is a great price and the cheapest price I could find.

I'm two space marines I started last week are well underway and will be posting some more W.I.Ps soon ,
aswell I'm now starting to tinker with some Golden Demon entrys. Thanks for Looking!