Monday, 18 July 2011

(WIP) Mounted Empire General 4

     Hello and welcome! Some of you may have noticed I haven't updating my blog in a while this is due to my computer blanking out and only recently being able to get a new one.
    Anyway, I'm back now and with some pictures to show of my progress on the empire general. Still mainly basecoating each area and applying the first shades. Really Trying to get the color placement's right. But you can see the direction I am taking this piece in and I am quite pleased with the way it looks at the moment. Still lots and lots of painting to do on this. I'm looking forward and dreading painting a complex design on the large banner. I'll leave you with a couple more photos.

As always thanks for looking!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bretonnia Army Battalion Well Painted for Sale

Hello and welcome! I have dug out a Bretonnia army that painted a good two and a half years ago now and with regret I have sell this army from lack of storage. This army won me a painting award at a local tournament at warhammer world, which proves this army looks great on the tabletop. I have listed it on ebay with the army book for a very reasonable price: Link below

Bretonnia Army on Ebay

More Photos...

Thanks for Looking!