Saturday, 2 February 2013

Breaking me in gently..

 Hello people! Well It has been a long time since I updated my site or even done any hobbying for that matter. I've had what one could call a hetic year with juggling full time work as well as education, it got a bit overwhelming at times and I just was never in the right mood for painting and when I was I didn't have the time.
 But hey-ho, It's a new year and have now found a nice work life balance and managed to get in some painting. I have got to say coming back to painting after quite a long period has given me new energy and dare I say it I'm actually enjoying it.
 So to break me in gently I just decided to paint up a standard space marine terminator I had lying around, For Now I will leave you will a couple of photos.
 Also my old email is out of action, So if anyone is looking to contact me for whatever reason be it personal, for commissions or for the hell of it please direct it to .