Tuesday, 19 April 2011

WIP Space Wolf Rune Priest Scibor Miniatures (3)

Hello and Welcome! I have done tiny bit of painting on the Space wolf Rune Priests.  I have used an airbrush to get a nice and even basecoat on the models armour using a mix of shadow grey and space wolves grey. More to come!
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Sunday, 17 April 2011

WIP Space Wolf Rune Priests Scibor Miniatures

Hello and Welcome! I have assembled the other Rune Priest from Scibor Miniatures for my latest commission . This model was somewhat more troublesome to assemble than the last with a lot of cutting and fitting, gap filling and even some resculpting to get this model to fit together. I hope to get these both painted next week so more photos to follow!

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

WIP Space Wolf Rune Preists Scibor Miniatures

         Hello and Welcome! I have started my next commission which is a pair of Space Wolf Rune Priests using the Celtic Warrior miniature's from Scibor Miniatures. These are to match the Space Wolves Grey Hunters I recently did.

          I was quite surprised after hearing some mixed reviews of Scibor Miniatures to find the figures look to be finely detailed and very well cast with only a few minor imperfections. I would highly recommend Scibor's great looking models and they also have a good customer service side as well.
         Anyway I have assembled the first one and have some photos to show you!
 Thanks For Looking!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Still some Items on Ebay!

Hello and Welcome! last week I posted some items on ebay while most of them have sold there are still a few things left. Theres a Games Day 2010 Exalted Hero of Choas and a few Imperial Guards Men at ease blisters. So check them out and pick up a bargain.

 Imperial Guardsmen At Ease

Games Day 2009 Exalted Hero Of Chaos

Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Space Wolf Finished

Hello and Welcome! I have finished a Space Wolf Marine from my stock of half finished marines. The photos aren't very good . It was hard to get good photos of it and also I think my camera is on the way out. Just finished off to my high tabletop standard and is now for sale. I am looking for offers around £35 for this.
Thanks For Looking !

Saturday, 2 April 2011

[WIP] Skaven Lord

Hello and Welcome! Today I have just a quick WIP shot of a Skaven Lord from the Island of Blood box set. After buying the Island of Blood set last games day I only opened it last night lmao and managed to get this assembled and then primed to.

Then did abit of painting this morning, this is only in the very early stages and still needs alot of work.  I am just aiming to stick to the studio scheme and finish it off the high tabletop standard.

Thanks for Looking!