Monday, 12 December 2011

Red Bull Racing Showrun 10th December 2012

Hello and Welcome! This time something a little different ( well completely different). Apart from Miniature painting my other passion is for the roaring races of Formula 1. This weekend was the Red Bull Racing Showrun, I headed down and it was a great day. I manged to get some OK shots and thought I would share on my blog. So I did some basic editing , blasted some music in the background and shoved it on youtube. Enjoy!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Start Of A Vostroyan Army

Hello and Welcome! I haven't Updated my blog much recently as life's been pretty hectic and I haven't had much spare time. But the time I did have I have been putting the start of an army together. My old favorites " The Vostroyans" But due to my not wanting to buy all new figures I have to scrimp and pull this army out of my bits box or old models stripped down.
So far I have made a sentinel, Mogul Kamir on his cyber steed, 10 Veterans and refurbished some old weapons teams.

Thanks For Looking!