Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Loads of Ebay Auctions Including Games Day Figures, White Dwarf Figures and Limited Edition Imperial Guard

Today , I have alot of ebay auctions for you. I have also been busy painting a few more marines so they should be up soon and for sale. Here are the link to the figures:

2 Games Day 2009 Exalted Hero of Chaos

Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorceror 

6 Limited Edition Imperial Guardsmen At Ease

White Dwarf Subcribers Grombrindal

Thanks for Looking.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Raven Guard Space Marine Finished

Hi , Due to the cancellation of my recent commission. I have alot of half finished marines all different chapters which I will be finishing off and selling them off individually so look out for them in  weeks to come.  But , for now the first is finished "a Raven Guard" This could be used a gaming piece or a display piece and is the plinth is included. I am looking for offers in the region of £50. If you are interested please contact me through my email. Here are some more photos:

Saturday, 19 March 2011

WIP Legions Of The Space Marines (4)

Another update of my current project. I have assembled six more marines including a Night Lords Terminator, Imperial Fist Devastator Marine, A Blood angels Sergeant, A Space Wolf Sergeant and two assault marines.
I now have 15 made up and am now waiting for the bits to complete the other three. I have started to paint the terminator adding a few edge highlights and some shade. I still need to finish off the highlights and add the lightning  pattern at the bottom of the legs. I have also base coated the White Scars Assault Marine and painted a Power Sword to go with the Blood Angels Sergeant.

Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Space Wolves Grey Hunters [Commission]

Here is my Latest Commission, Which is now complete. The task was to paint of two squads of 10 Grey Hunters for gaming use so I painted them to a decent tabletop standard. These were fairly simple to paint and use a airbrush to basecoat them all in Shadow Grey which speed up the painting. Then adding the highlights, details and chapter markings with a brush. Here are some more photos!

Monday, 14 March 2011

WIP Legions Of The Space Marines (3)

Hi, Today I have a small update on my Legions of the Space Marines project. I haven't been able to do to much work on these due to being busy. I have manage to nearly complete a Raven Guard marine, there is only a few things left to do like a chapter symbol on the left shoulder, some tidying up then to paint the bolter and base.

I have also primed and basecoated another two legions Iron Warriors and Death Guard. The Iron Warrior was airbrushed with boltgun metal then lightly highlighted with Mithrill silver, which is now ready for shading with various glazes.

I have also changed the hand of my Terminator Librarian, I have decided to do a fully sculpted hand and have taken off the small head of the chaplain and either sculpt one or find an more suitable one. I have now started to paint the chaplain and should be some more photos of that soon.