Thursday, 30 December 2010

Imperial Guard Diorama For Sale on ebay

Hi Guys, Today I've got some old work show you. It's an Imperial Guard Diorama including a Leman Russ tank, four karksins and a display base. I painted this way back in early 2008, but this is painted to a high standard and is a lovely display piece. It also won  me a local Competition at Warhammer World. This is now on ebay for a very good price of £50 Buy it now price, even the models by themsevles cost more than this.  Here is the Link to Ebay: Here

More stuff Coming Soon!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Vostroyan Pyskers Conversions

Hello All,  These are the first of my new Vostroyan army which I'm planning to make over the next year and hopefully enter one of the Throne of Skulls GT. These are going to be part of a Pysker battle squad and need make 30 of these,So there will be more and more Vostroyans coming soon. These were kitbashed using a variety of bits including High elf archers legs, Cadian shock troops torso and Empire Heads. These are still work in progress as i need to add more details that need to be scuplted such as orbs for the end of their staffs etc. Also, I'm now taking commissions if you would like more info please click HERE

Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Xmas Space Marine!

Hi and Merry Christmas. I have finished my lastest figure, I painted this for my father for Christmas. A way to get a cheap christmas present, ha. I assembled and painting this in around 7 hours just meant to be a quick gaming standard figure. More figures and hobby related stuff to come soon. Until next time...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Start of a New blog! GD Finalist and more.

         This is my new blog about painting games workshop figures. I hope to share my work with you in order to improve my painting skills. But, first I'll tell you a little about myself my name is Dylan Thomas. I've been painting miniatures for 8 years, have had my miniatures displayed in the Citadel Miniatures Hall at Warhammer World, Nottingham and achieved a Golden Demon Finalist in UK2010.                                                           
       On this blog will feature finished work, work in progress shots, tutorials from various display pieces to my recently started Vostroyan army.  For now here are some photos of my Golden Demon Finalist Sanguinary Guard squad and part of my Soul Drinkers army in the Citadel Miniatures Hall Nov 09.

"Swift Vengeance" Golden Demon UK 2010 Finalist

Soul Drinkers Army being displayed in the Citadel Miniatures Hall Nov 2009