Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mounted Empire General WIP

Hello and Welcome! I have made some more progress on my Empire General. I have bulked out the base with milliput, I still need to sand down the sides for a smooth flat finish. 
Next I will add some detail to the base like skulls etc then add sand and grit to texture it. 

I will being painting the horse in a light grey colour and using the traditional Red and white empire colours with the armour in steel.

                           I have made a Flag out of shim brass which I'm quite pleased with how it looks
                                       and all you have to do is some flexing around a brush. Easy !
                                     I used some steel rod to make a longer banner pole then used the
                                             Imperial Guard banner tassel to give a little detail to it. 
I'm planing to do a complex freehand banner design in red and white.

Thanks for Looking!