Saturday, 11 June 2011

Citadel Finecast Thoughts!

          Hello and Welcome! As you are probalay aware there has been lots of talk on Citadel Finecast over the web and mostly it has not been positive. 
           However, I didn't want to listen too much talk online and decided to make my own mind up when I saw the figures in the flesh. So, Yesterday I visited my local store and must say on approaching I was getting mildly excited about buying a resin figure which I could easily assemble and chop up for conversions with crisper detail.
           Sadly, when I got there my hopes were dashed when I started looking at the figures. I must say it looks like all the stories about Finecast are true. I must of looked at 30 odd packs of figures over the different ranges and I couldn't fine one without any air bubbles or other casting imperfections that I would be willing to pay for.
          Then we come the next point of price. Now the price rise originally didn't bother me to much as long as the product was perfect and I'm most people should be used to price rises, I mean come on this is Games Workshop were talking about. I guess the can justify a price rise with the nicely redesigned packaging and the cost of high volume production of Resin... I guess
         At this moment in time I don't think Games Workshop have quite nailed it and me personally I will continue to buy my Resin Figures from the smaller company's like Studio McVey with more control over their castings and would recommend other to steer clear of Finecast. But, I suspect in a couple of months time Games Workshop will have mastered mass producing resin and I sure hope they do because I really want some GW designs in resin... Please hurry.

On a sidenote I have added a nice little cool feature to my Blog " A Gallery Of My Finished Work" which you can find by clicking the link or looking under "Pages" down the left hand side of my home page.
Thanks for Looking!