Friday, 7 October 2011

(WIP) Daemonette Banner Bearer

            Hello and Welcome! After spending quite a while on my golden demon entry I wanted to paint something completely different to space marines. So Have assembled a plastic daemonette with a slight conversion in way of the banner he is holding is from the seekers of slannesh box.
           I have also made a nice scenic base out of plasticard, bark and miliput. Just for some extra height to the model, as it is quite a small figure I wanted it to stand out against the big-boys in my display cabinet.
          I used GW new liquid green stuff of this piece you can see on the rim of the base and in small quantities of the model. While I was first impressed by the thickness and easy application of it, also the quick drying time I think around 30 mins from what I can tell. I soon found out that it doesn't sand very  well at all much like normal green stuff. While it seems like a decent product I would still advise using millput wash. 

More Progress Soon!
Thanks for looking!