Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some Stuff on My Workbench!

Hello and welcome! I have some work in progress stuff to show you today. I have again been tinkering with ideas for some cool looking figures ad possible Golden Demon entries.

First off is a Empire Wizard which I have converted to be out stretched and more flowing. There is still alot of green stuff work to do including the smoothing of all the areas with a thin wash of milliput. I plan to use this Wizard in a duel scene, either with the obvious choice of opponent "another Wizard" or I was also thinking of using a Daemonette just because I have the parts for it.

Then I have a mounted Empire General which is just blu tacked just to give me some idea of assembly and composition. I plan to make a banner out of thin sheet brass, allowing me a nice clear canvas to do some freehand. I intend to make a built up elevated base to give the figure more height and more room to add features and details to the base. 
More Soon!
Thanks for Looking!