Friday, 28 January 2011

[Commission] Legions of the Space Marines

Hi, There this is the start of my lastest Commission with Winterdyne Commission Modelling and  I am now available for commissions with Winterdyne Commission Modelling found HERE.  The job is make a display of all the First Founding Legions of the Space Marines. This will include 15 Marines, 3 Terminators and a custom built display base. Today, Work started with the first two Marines (Ultramarines & Emperors Children).

After this I started painting with pre-shading with an airbrush. I sprayed the Ultramarine with mordian blue then highlighted with mordian blue & space wolves grey taking care to leave the shadows. I did same for the emperors children except with different colours using liche purple for a basecoat and then highlighting with liche purple and kommando khaki.

That is it for now. More soon, will be finishing these off next week and will be starting on next figures and base soon! Thanks For Looking!